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Pierrette Sherwood: Media Coverage, Feature Articles and Interviews

Story 3 Pictures, “Red River Gold” (Dawson Trail inspired), APTN, Fall 2024


Mlinarevic, Svjetlana, “Metal Artist to Exhibit at SAC”, The Carillon, Steinbach, Nov, 2023


Beaucamp, Hugo, “Faire du beau avec ce qui est usé”, La Liberté, Winnipeg, Nov, 2023


Peters, Judy, “Local artist shares her reclaimed metal art in new exhibit”, 2023


“SAC Opens Exhibit of “Earth and Sky”, SAC Editorial, Dawson Trail Dispatch, Nov, 2023


Guertre, Dan, “Centre of Canada Features New Exhibit (…)”, Dawson Trail Dispatch, Nov, 2023


“(…) Trésors du chemin Dawson au Centre du Canada”,, L’actuel, Mars, 2023 


Cook, Shelley, “Interpretive Landmark Unveiled”, Winnipeg Free Press, May, 2023


McIIraith, Jura, “Dawson Trail Revives History, Reconciliation”, The Carillon, June 6, 2023


Guertre, Dan, “Dawson Trail Commemorative Project Celebrated”, Dawson Trail Dispatch, June, 2023


Moreau, Catherine, “Le Sentier Dawson (…)”, Ici Manitoba, Radio-Canada, April, 2023

2022     Murchison, Geneviève, TV, Connexion“Ma Planète”, Ici Télé Radio-Canada, Sept. 25, 2022


2022   Gauthier, Mathilde, TV & Radio, Médias régionaux, Radio-Canada, Sept. 16, 2022


2022    Radja, Mahamba, TV & Radio, Médias régionaux, Téléjournal Radio-Canada, Jul. 13, 2022


2022    De Cocq, Saxon, Interview for TV, Creative Producer, 3 Story Pictures for APTN, July 6, 2022


2022    Aftan, Harvey, Video-interview, Dawson Trail MLA, Pioneer Site Unveiling, June 5, 2022


2022    Langlois, Mireille, Radio Interview, Culture et confiture, Radio-Canada, Feb. 12, 2022


2021    EDAM, Press release & Video, Project of the Year Nomination, Oct.8, 2021


2021    Cange, Amandine, Print Newspaper, La Liberté, Sept. 22, 2021


2021    Dallaire, Yann et Larocque, Yannick. Radio Interview, Le Rural vous parle, Sept. 17, 2021


2021     Koop, Carly, Radio Interview, Dawson Trail Art Tour, Country 107, Sept. 13, 2021


2021     Chamberland, Denis, TV video-journalism, Radio-Canada, July 23, 2021

2021     Feature Article, CAA Magazine, Spring Edition, May 2021

2020     Feature Artist Spotlight: Festival des crèches, Winnipeg River Advocate, Dec 12, 2020

2016     Handcrafted Manitoba Series for MTS Stories from Home, Ice River Films, 

             Dec. 2016 to May 2017

2016     Ici Manitoba, Le Téléjournal, Radio Canada, Feature by Genevieve LaPalme, October 9, 2016

2016    The Lance, Community Calendar and Gallery Photo, October 5, 2016


2016    The Dawson Trail Dispatch, Vol.21, No. 2, October 2016, review by Marianne Curtis

2016    CTV Morning Live with Rachelle Lagacé, September 21, 2016

2014    Winnipeg Free Press, “Iron Lady Melds and Welds”, article by Bill Redekop, December 19, 2014, 

2013    TVA, “Viens Voir Ici”, Feature artist showcase, June 15, 2013

2013    CBC Canada/Radio Canada Nationale, “C’est ca la vie”, Feature artist showcase, March 27, 2013

2013    Advertorial Insert, CDEM, Feature interview, Winter 2013

2013    La Liberté - Loisirs, “Exposer et vendre en continu”, Article by Camille Séguy, June 13, 2012 

2012    La Liberté, Vol. 99, No. 19, “Quand les Lions deviennent Lionnes!”, Article by Angelika Zapszalka,               August 22-28, 2012


2012    You Tube, Video Feature, CDEM


2010    La Liberté, “Quatre arts dans une exposition”, Article by Camille Séguy, June 2, 2010

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