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Dawson Trail Commemorative Project 


The Dawson Trail Commemorative Project features 15 way finding markers and a series of eight permanent art exhibits highlighting the traditional place names and the historic legacy of the first all-Canadian access road linking eastern Canada with the prairies of the west.  As the Founder of this project, I was personally responsible for leading this initiative as artistic and creative director, including fundraising and overseeing works commissioned and contracted.  The commemorative project was the fourth and final phase of the Dawson Trail Arts and Heritage Tour (2019-2023), with a total value of $712,000.  

Many of these photos can be credited to Myriam Dyck. 

Dawson Trail ParkMural.North.jpg

The Journey West

Commissioned by the Richer Community Club, in support of the Dawson Trail Commemorative Project, this mural is located at the Dawson Trail Park in Richer, MB. It brings to light the determination of those intrepid travellers who dared to make the journey on the Dawson Trail and honours the resilience and courage of First Nations and Métis whose lives were forever changed by this first all-Canadian route to the West. The forest silhouette parallels the sense of wonder and apprehension early travellers experienced arriving at the mouth of the Dawson Trail's overland route at the southeast corner of Manitoba. Traces of the corduroy road remnants of a surveyor's chain echo defining moments that helped shaped its legacy. The use of old lumber saws and tools emphasize the wood economy rooted in this region's history and provide a canvas for the exploration of 5 themes about the road's legacy (from left to right): 

1) End of an era

2) Displacement

3) Trials and Resilience

4) Conflicts and Contrasts

5) New horizons



A larger than life dragonfly, titled "Demoiselle".  No sooner was it completed that it had to fly away to its new home! It was a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you for supporting the arts.


Metal Mural for an Urban Balcony

My friend wanted to dress up her concrete balcony with something colourful and functional. And Voilà!



 Meet "Daisy", surrounded here by her favourite flowers!

This piece, measuring 45" L x 34" H was made entirely of reclaimed metals including door handles, copper, brass and the lids of old enamelware.  This very special commission includes remnants from my grandparents dairy farm outside of St. Norbert...I could almost smell the barn floor in that rust!  // À la douce mémoire de mes grandparents Marguerite et Francis Sherwood.  


Crêche / Nativity Scene

Nativity scene commissioned by the Winnipeg River Museum.  Now part of a vast large collection of nativity scenes from over 36 countries that are exhibited annually. Made with old saws, brass cymbals, silverware and other found objects.

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