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Having lived out of province for sixteen years, I returned to my roots with a deeper appreciation for the ties that bind the land to its people. The wild clover scent of the prairies carries memories of my youth. I am earthbound, inspired by nature’s cycles and her seasons, her endless renewal.
I aim to transform reclaimed materials from yesteryear into contemporary design. I am particularly drawn to antique farming machinery and tools. The inherent character of these pieces carries a sense of history and tradition. It beckons a respect for the past. I want to capture this essence and translate it into works that draw on nostalgia as well as one’s own relationship with the earth. Objects carry memories, stirring emotions that are often deeply rooted, and so my creative process can be at once provocative and self-reflective.
I challenge myself to work creatively with materials that I have readily accessible and will often initiate a work of art with the selection of a single, significant piece of scrap or object, like an agricultural disc or tool that I feel best resonates with my vision. I favour the raw qualities, textures, patinas and natural aging of materials over the application of color.
I have a strong affinity with birds, both from an artistic and spiritual point of view. They are nature’s song and possibly one of her most eloquent expressions. In moving forward, I would like to explore more mixed media, sculpture and artistic collaborations that resonate with themes of heritage, community and/or the environment.

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